RELEASED: November 2, 2015
ARTIST: Fed Horses
thank you for this neverland
and it’s special effects
you’re not build like other men
you’re not looking for respect

you said you like running fast
but don’t like running long
so how did I
end up in this dark dive bar

I’ll take another shot
it’s the only thing I got
a shot at you until you drop

we run like little boys
when the boogie man is near
he got his fingers wet
in puddles of beer

you just like running, man
no matter how long
while all you little girls
need to be big and strong

I’ll take another shot

and you said you’d give me stories

Urša Mihevc – vocals
Jure Mihevc – guitars
Rok Škrlj – bass
Timi Eler – drums
Gašper Peršl – percussion
with special guest
Ida Meidell Blylod – violin

Lyrics by Nejc Juren
Recorded in Cold Cave Studios, Logatec
Produced by Jure Mihevc
Mixed by Marko Jakopanec
Mastered by Ryan Morey

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