RELEASED: September 12, 2014

I put pins in pillows 
I turn them upside down 
and if you do me wrong, then 
they just might turn around 

and when I see ghosts you hear me say 

hey soon I’ll take you down 
you’ve been too nice from start 
and it’s tearing me apart 
I will take you down 
and you too can take me down 
cause I do anything I can 
to turn you into a man 
I hope you take me down 

now you became a knife man 
with bruises on your face 
what am I beside you (now) 
seems I was misplaced 

and now you see smoke when you hear me say 

and now I can’t take you down 
this was broken from the start 
and it’s tearing me apart 
when you take me down 

I hope you take me down


Urša Mihevc – vocals 
Jure Mihevc – guitars 
Rok Škrlj – bass 
Timi Eler – drums 
Miha Erič – harmonica 

Lyrics by Nejc Juren 
Recorded in Studio Evolucija 
Sound engineer – Simon Jovanovič 
Produced by Jure Mihevc and Simon Jovanovič 
Mix and Mastering by Simon Jovanovič

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