Fed Horses is a Slovenian Alter – Country band. Their winning performance at ŠOURock 2014 was described by media as:

With their own “johnny cash” rock sound and highly-skilled harmonicanist they belong to a rodeo, high-end whiskey tasting or a motorcycle reunion. Boys and Dolly Parton, pardon me, Urska as their vocalist, showed a great potential with their technical perfection and a different approach to country music as such, that can barely be found in Slovenia.



Fed Horses is based on the principle of an ancient tribe, which only accepts constructive, talented individuals, useful for the project. They enjoy creating new sounds, mixing different ones and making new authentic music, that’s affected by The Great Plains of America. 

Fed Horses started as a duet and was only a studio-based project at first with Ursa Mihevc (vocals) and Jure Mihevc (guitars, production). Live sessions soon became a performance by a four-member band, when Rok Škrlj (bass) and Timi Eler (drums) joined them.

At the end of September 2013 they released a self-produced first single Hands, whose lyrics were written by Jernej Juren. In co-operation with a photographer Tine Mazgon they shot a minimal live session at the Cold Cave Studio, consisting only of vocal, slide guitar, bass drum and harmonica (Miha Eric).  

In October 2013 Fed Horses released their second single City, collaborating with Tine Mazgon and his time-laps shots on a trip from Idrija to Vancouver and Edmonton. Their third single ‘Down’ (released in  September 2014) received positive reviews, being voted for ‘song of the week’ on national radio station Val 202, and its video being listed as ‘one of the 10 slovenian music videos of 2014’. ‘Sober’ their fourth single was released in April 2015 as a collaboration with electronic producer Christian Kroupa (participant of Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo.

In November 2015 they released their last single ‘Dive’ featuring swedish folk violinist Ida Meidell Blylod. Slovenian philosopher and artist Izar Lunaček made an original comic of the song, wich was then animated by Tadej Anclin. Soon after they released a song called “Gifts”, which was recorded in Studio 22 – Radio SI, Maribor.

Early in 2018 they released EP called Sinner, with 5 new songs: “Sinner”, “Toy”, “Love Tree”, “Father’s House” and “Leaving”. EP was recorded in Ljubljana – Studio Metro. Currently they are presenting their freshly released EP through live performances and media. Their future ambitions consist of a continuous search for their own music language and fine-tuning its presentation and delivery to the media.